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MIR will be looking to achieve its objectives through a number of service offerings. For now these include: Events, Radio Show, Early Engagement, Newsletter, CV Feedback

If you have any suggestions please email info@muslimsinrail.org


Annual dinner, June 2018
Day, time and location TBC
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Radio Show:

MIR are hosting a radio show to demonstrate the experiences (good, bad and indifferent) that Muslims have in different work environments/disciplines. For more info click here

Early Engagement:

Supporting young Muslims in developing their careers by inspiring and empowering them to make well informed decisions through Workout Sessions and STEM.
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CV Feedback:

MIR is one of 15+ professional Muslim networks who have come together to harness the knowledge and skills of Muslim professionals in the UK. As a result CONSORTIUM was born. One of the services on offer is a CV feedback service. For more info visit CONSORTIUM

About Us

Muslims in Rail (MIR) aims to Connect, Grow & Inspire people working or seeking a career in the rail industry.

We are inspired by our faith to support each other, be the best we can and have excellent work ethics. These teachings are the foundations behind what motivates us at MIR.

Contact Us

Email: info@muslimsinrail.org